General Practice

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my clinical practice. I hope that you will find the information here helpful and interesting.

Psychology is a tremendously diverse and stimulating scientific discipline. Human thought and behavior can be viewed at the most macroscopic level as we endeavor to understand group processes and then again viewed at the most microscopic level as we seek to understand the workings of individual brain cells. What's remarkable is that all of these manners of inquiry inform the way psychologists conceptualize human experience and the way psychologists work to improve mental health.

Over the course of my training and practice, I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful people who have ranged in age from a tender 4 years to a grand 104 years. Presently, I work mostly with adults who are experiencing various problems in living, such as: anxiety and fear, sadness and depression, loss and grieving, marital and relationship difficulties, work stress, and, of particular specialty,  sleep issues (see sleep and insomnia sections).

My central approach is known as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Simply put, this form of treatment examines how your thoughts influence your feelings and behavior and how faulty and unhelpful thinking can lead to unnecessary distress. In addition to CBT, I draw on other techniques and frames of reference such as psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction.

In using these methods, I remain active and engaging; which is to say that I don't just sit quietly waiting for things to happen. I ask questions, reflect the feelings and thoughts that I see, and clarify -- all in the service of helping define and work through problems. In therapy, you should feel that your point of view, concerns, and feelings are truly being heard and respected even though part of therapy may be to challenge these in an effort to bring clarity and relief from psychological pain.

And, yes, while therapy is certainly a serious endeavor, a sense of fun, humor and laughter can certainly be part of the process.

Hospital Medical Staff Appointments

In addition to seeing patients in my private office practice, I have provided clinical service as a medical staff member at the following health centers:

   Motion Picture & Television Fund Health Center - Psychological Services (2003-2010)

   Northridge Hospital Medical Center - Consultant to Sleep Lab (2008-2011)