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Call me anytime to discuss your needs

If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please call again. Some calls are dropped or inaudible. In your message, please leave a phone number where you can be reached and where a message can be left on voice mail or with someone who might answer the phone. This is to help ensure your confidentiality.

Clinical Emergencies that cannot or should not wait: Call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room/department. If you are a current patient, contact me or have a staff member contact me.

Dr. Jeffrey Young

16550 Ventura Boulevard Suite 405 Encino, CA 91436

(818) 905-7121 *Please do not text to this phone.

Email Options

Confidential Protected Health Information (PHI), should be sent to my HIPAA compliant email system:

Email that you do not deem to be confidential protected health information can be sent to my UCLA email:

Important information on the USE of EMAIL

I check my UCLA email fairly often. I check my drjeffreyyoung (HIPAA) email less often unless I know that information is coming  on a particular day. Because I check my voicemail throughout the day,  it is always a good idea to call me to let me know that an email has been sent, especially if it is time sensitive. 

Important Note: Email that I send back to you will go to your particular email server which may or may not be compliant with HIPAA security and privacy standards (I would have no way of verifying that either way).  

If you are concerned about the security of your email, I can send information to you in an encrypted state which would add another level of security. You would  then decrypt the email using a password you create.

The company that handles the encryption and decrytion process is Proof Point.