Television, Radio, & Professional Lectures


Radio/Television Appearances

LA 40 (Life after 40)

LA 40 is an internet based live video show dedicated to healthy living after 40. It is hosted by its creator Katerina Cozias and airs on LA Talk Radio. 

“The Secrets of Sleep” - 1 hour live in studio interview and call-in – March 8, 2018 

“Sleep and Aging” – 20 min segment – May 25, 2017 

The Tavis Smiley Show. KPCC 89.3 FM Southern California Public Radio. October 10, 2014

Program Title: “5 things you should know about … Getting a good night’s sleep.”

Prerecorded 10 minute segment that focused on aspects of healthy sleep behaviors and cognitions.

The Patt Morrison Show. KPCC 89.3 FM Southern California Public Radio. June 8, 2012

Program Title: The Latest on America’s Sleep Habits. 

During this live 40 minute segment, I was asked to discuss with host Patt Morrison a recent survey on the sleep habits of Americans and provided answers to her caller’s questions on this survey and sleep in general.

Link to La 40 "the secrets of sleep" episode

Professional Lectures

Treating Insomnia in Veterans

-Presented at UCLA for the Soldiers Project National Convention Nov 7, 2015

This talk introduced the basics of sleep disorders and the application of nonpharmacological treatments for insomnia. Special consideration was given to the needs of veterans in general and the needs of veterans suffering from mild traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia

-Presented at the Iranian Psychological Association of America 4/19/2015 (2CE)

-Presented at the L.A. County Psychological Association Annual Conference 10/18/2014 (2CE)

This presentation covered the basic components of the cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia along with a discussion of the major models that explain the generation of insomnia. A portion of the talk was devoted to sleep physiology and sleep function.

Sleep Science and the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (Invited Lecture)

-Presented at the San Diego Psychological Association Annual Conference. May 2, 2014 (3CE)

This presentation explored the physiology of NREM and REM sleep along with a discussion

of some of the neurological functions of sleep. This presentation also outlined the basics of a 

sleep interview and the elements of the cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia. 

Fundamentals of CBT treatment of Insomnia with a discussion of
Fibromyalgia as a special case (Invited Lecture)

-Presented at Los Angeles County Psychological Association September 9, 2012

This presentation covered the basics of sleep physiology and the CBT approach to the treatment of insomnia. Special considerations associated with fibromyalgia patients were discussed.