Professional Publications

Jeffrey Young, PHD, CBSM (2014). The Bedroom. Published in the Los Angeles Psychologist (2014 Convention Issue); a publication of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association

Jeffrey Young, PHD, CBSM (2009). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a First Line Treatment for Chronic Insomnia. Published in Neuroscience Innovations volume IV 2009; a publication of Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

Jeffrey Young, PHD, CBSM (2011). Important Diagnostic Considerations for the Sleep Savvy Psychologist. Published in The Los Angeles Psychologist (May-June 2011); a publication of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association.

Peer Reviewed Publication

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Carlson A., Young J., Avidan A. (2016) Frightening Spells at Night.

J of Clin Sleep Med 2016; 12(6).

Using a case presentation, this article briefly addresses the differential diagnosis and psychological treatment of nocturnal panic attacks. This kind of panic attack is of particular interest because it arises out of the sleep state itself and needs to diffentiated from night terrors.